Please see our Contact page for our contact information, address, and an email contact form.Please Note: If you are contacting us about an eBay listing, you must send us a message through eBay. Please return to the listing you are inquiring about and click the “Ask a Question” link at the bottom of the listing.

Depending if you purchased through eBay or the website, please provide us with any of the following information:
eBay Store Purchases:

  • eBay User ID
  • E-mail address
  • Order/Invoice number*

Website Purchases:

  • Order/Invoice number*
  • E-Mail address

*The Order/Invoice Number can be found on the packing slip attached to the outside of the brown box that was shipped to you.

In order for Computer Upgrade King to be in accordance to eBay policy, we require eBay customers to contact us via eBay. eBay message also provides a secure and safe way for the buyer to discuss eBay purchases with us.


We currently accept Credit Cards (Visa/MasterCard/Discover), Amazon Payments, PayPal and Wire Transfers. Instructions for Wire Transfer will be provided upon checkout.

PayPal will occasionally put payments which they feel are possibly fraudulent on hold. This usually occurs if the IP address does not match and for billing and shipping mismatches. To resolve this, please contact PayPal directly at http://www.paypal.com and provide them with the information requested to prove the transaction was legitimate. Please understand that we cannot do anything to end the hold, and unless the payment is released to us, we will work with PayPal to reverse the payment back to you.


If the item has been sold in new condition, you may rest assured it is new. Many of our laptops are sold with one or more upgraded components, as a result the box may be opened to perform these upgrades. Quality assurance is very important us and therefore every computer we ship has the King’s Seal of Quality. The Seal of Quality ensures that your machine was inspected for dead pixels, defects, scratches and fingerprints that could otherwise come directly from the manufacturer. We believe on average our seal is at least 5 times more reliable than the manufacturer’s seal. Our return rates are more than 5 times less with computers we shipped bearing our seal as opposed to computers shipped bearing the seal of the manufacturer in tact. Manufacturers ship systems with fingerprints, defects, scratches and dead pixels. These are issues you avoid when you receive the King’s Seal of Quality.

Almost all laptops allow components such as Processor, Hard Drive, RAM, amongst other various components to be upgraded or swapped with a different component. We purchase these models and after upgrades are performed, we do intensive benchmarks and stress tests to ensure all computer systems are reliable and stable. As a result, we set the bar in terms of quality assurance, warranty, price, and scope in the industry of computer customization and enhancement. In addition, every upgrade we do is backed by our 3 year limited express ship warranty.

For eBay and Amazon orders, we do not have customization options available at our disposal, as a result we cannot offer all the upgrade options offered on our website. For website orders, everything that we offer is available. If it is not listed on the website, please assume it is not offered.

We do not change video cards on laptops. Most laptop motherboards have video cards chips soldered onto the board itself. As a result we cannot remove the video card chip without damaging the computer. Certain high-end laptops allow for video cards to be swapped out for different brands; however there is a very high chance that the heatsink will not match or fit into the computer, causing improper cooling/performance on the machine itself.

Unfortunately laptop colors are fixed to what is offered/listed. Any color options available will be offered as upgrade options upon checkout. If you do not see any color options, please assume none are offered.


michaelelectronics2 only sells laptops which are in working and tested condition, therefore we are not able to accommodate requests for missing or removed items from a system that would declare the machine inoperable in its current state.

Sorry, we can only accept the price that is advertised.

We currently do not currently process phone, fax, email or mail money orders. All orders must be placed through our website, Amazon (michaelelectronics2) or eBay Store (computerupgradeking) directly. If you are having trouble placing your order please contact us and we will do our best to resolve your issues.

We cannot not combine separate orders once they have been placed. However, we can cancel the existing orders for you, so that you may place a new order for all the items. Please keep in mind; we cannot combine orders once they have been shipped. Also, orders that are cancelled will need to be refunded, this may take 3-5 business days in some cases before you may have the money to repurchase the item.

Sorry, only one card or one method of payment can be used per order.